Spectrum & Spaghetti

August 22 @ 7:00 PM

Links Hall at Constellation
3111 N. Western (Map)

$10 Base Ticket
$20 Sustaining Ticket
$10 Sorry I’m not able to attend but would like to support
$25 Sorry I’m not able to attend but would like to support
All Tickets


About The Evening

Spectrum & Spaghetti celebrates the creation and continuation of work at The Watering Can.  The evening begins with Jewel Tones: SPECTRUM, a performance exploring the Buddha’s final instruction – “Make of yourself a light.”  It brings together seven distinct dancers and musicians to investigate this final teaching through an improvisational performance evoking the energetic tones, textures and attitudes of a selected shade.  Relying upon the unifying happenings of color, SPECTRUM asks artists to risk exposing our unknown relationships to being colorful, connected and free.  It is composed and comprised of Mike Reed in Red, Sarah Gottlieb in Orange, Jessica Marasa in Yellow, Lisa Gonzales in Green, Onye Ozuzu in Blue, James Falzone in Indigo and Jason Adasiewicz in Violet.

Following the performance there will be a spaghetti dinner (Marasa family recipe) served at Links Hall in Studio A which will conclude with a solo set by percussionist Hamid Drake.

Drinks are not included but can be purchased at Constellation.   Here is the evening schedule:
7:00 – Jewel Tones: SPECTRUM
8:00 – Spaghetti Dinner
8:30 – Hamid Drake
9:00 – Dessert


About What The Evening Supports

Established in December 2014, the The Watering Can’s guiding principle Give. Receive. Repeat. has made way for the work of Jewel Tones, SET FREE, Woodpecker and Moving Pages

Collectively these works have generated opportunities for collaboration for 32 artists, chances for connection between artists and audiences in the presenting process, 17 evenings of improvisational performance and ongoing conversations about the joy in moving.

This evening of Spectrum & Spaghetti is a time to ask you to give what you can to The Watering Can and we will receive it with an intent to repeat this work in the coming year.  Immediate plans for the months ahead include a three-month insight meditation retreat for TWC founder Jessica Marasa, a second installment of SET FREE for four new artists beginning in February 2017, efforts to tour Woodpecker, a third cycle of the class Moving Pages and all the things which have yet to be named.

Monies received will be invested in the work listed above and in the artists themselves by making it possible for us to compensate them for their craft.   Ticket prices vary to make it affordable for as many as possible, please choose the rate most appropriate for you.  For those wishing to support this work and are unable to attend Spectrum & Spaghetti, there is a non-ticketed option for your generous contribution.  In lieu of sharing the night with you we will happily mail you a postcard of gratitude from the event.