Make Ends Meet

Make Ends Meet is an improvisational exchange between Benjamin Law and Jessie Marasa.  Together they accumulate a mass of material end to end by beginning with directly experiencing the fluid formation of solid forms.  The dance was first created and shared at Lizzie Leopold’s evening of dance entitled Archipelago.  The piece has continued to play within boundaries between bodies and their overlapping investments.   It assembles connections that assure us of our impermanence, common circularity and equally valuable individual relationships.


The piece was originally set to an original score by Packy Lundholm.  It now uses the track The Passing Moment, from the album My Silence: It Only Happens at Night.  


Currently there are no upcoming performances scheduled for this work.  Make Ends Meet was originally created at Archipelago and performed at Stage 773, Hamlin Park Fieldhouse as part of D49 Festival and at Signal Ensemble Theater as part of PRODUCE.  Here is a link to a preview of the piece written by Jena Cutie for The Chicago Reader, below is a video clip of one iteration of this spontaneous composition.