The JIM is a dancer’s gym.

It stands for The Joy In Moving and is created by dancers committed to creating a happy and healthy culture for the moving body.


Who is it for?

The Joy In Moving is for every Body.

It realizes movement is fundamental and forms the action through which our lives are lived. To move towards having happiness in this very life, The JIM has organized to provide the public and practiced professionals a new container for the needed cultivation of joy in one’s self, community and culture.

Its programs will benefit and attract a range of ability, age and educational background through connecting a community of people interested in understanding and celebrating our urge to move.  It aims to serve the small sector of society who has made dance their life-long arena of expression as well as broaden the dance expanse in Chicago by attending to the growing population of adults who wish to dance regularly throughout their lives and currently are in need of a place for re-entry and continuation.

Joy is one of the many gifts of dance; and for those whose spirit lights up when they begin to move, there is little in this world more vital than their need for an open and inclusive environment to practice.

This JIM is designed for the dancer’s heart.  May its Love grow and continue for all its days to come.


What is the mission?

The Joy In Moving’s mission is to support people dancing throughout adulthood with the creation of a low-cost membership program offering daily classes and weekend workshops in dance, somatics, meditation and improvisation.  Its development and continuation rests in response to the question(s):

What nourishes joy in me? What nourishes joy in you?  Do I nourish joy in me and in you?


How do you join?

To join The JIM one must first become a member.  Please visit The JIM homepage for more information.