August 18 & 19 – Peter Carpenter and Southside Sailor Scouts
August 20 & 21 – Jessica Marasa & Ryan Packard and Lisa Gonzales & Jennifer Kayle

7:00 PM
Links Hall at Constellation
3111 N. Western (Map)

$12 General
$10 Student/Senior
$20 Weekend Pass


SET FREE is the culminating performance of a six-month progress in performance series for artists working within SET composition and FREE improvisation.  Over time the structure has increased awareness and appreciation for each individual’s creative process and provided a space for emerging and experienced makers to weave their studio and performance practices together in developing this work.   Artist and audience exchange was vital to the life of the series and the understanding of the work and we invite you to join us now for the final performances.

Thursday and Friday features Peter Carpenter’s document shoot rehearsal run performed with Tia Greer and Southside Sailor Scouts created by Ysaye Mckeever & Elizabeth Nungaray.

Saturday and Sunday presents so softly here from the long standing duo Lisa Gonzales & Jennifer Kayle and a new collaboration from Jessica Marasa and Ryan Packard titled Woodpecker.

Come for a single night or purchase a weekend pass and attend any two nights.  More information about the artists and their series can be found here.

Thursday & Friday, August 18 & 19 (Tickets)
document shoot rehearsal run

Choreographed by Peter Carpenter
Performed by Peter Carpenter and Tia Greer


A duet for Peter Carpenter and Tia Greer, document shoot rehearsal run marks a return to considerations of identity construction from earlier in Carpenter’s career.  While exploring formal concepts of representation, frame, and syntax this work also looks into the categories and assumptions that construct our social realities.  Carpenter and Greer have used this residency process to develop a complex and idiosyncratic partnering relationship while also exploring notions of documentation in performance.  This work will feature original music by Don Nichols, who is based in Los Angeles.



SouthSide SailorScouts
Choreographed and Performed by Ysaye McKeever & Elizabeth Nungaray

SouthSide SailorScouts is a collaborative dance theater work celebrating the fierce and fabulous alter egos of its creators. Blending our influences from Selena, Beyoncé, Sailor Moon and more, the performance incorporates dance, song and storytelling from a woman of color perspective.







Saturday & Sunday, August 20 – 21 (Tickets)

so softly here

Choreographed and Performed by Lisa Gonzales & Jennifer Kayle

so softly here is a work that allows long time collaborators Lisa Gonzales and Jennifer Kayle to investigate their interest in states of being and becoming.  Movement, objects, voice, images, and the relationships between are mined in the constantly shifting present, while also building a ground on which to stand.  How meaning emerges in these scenarios is a primary curiosity.



Composed and Improvised by Jessica Marasa & Ryan Packard

Woodpecker digs into matters of the heart; specifically circulation and the repetitive cycle of giving and receiving.  Dancer Jessica Marasa and drummer Ryan Packard venture to share the constancy of their heart rhythm and sustain connection to it and each other in an improvised performance.  The two investigate the pathways of their circulatory system, the resonating cavity of their bodies and the tonalities of taking flight.  Each asks the other what is the pace of your pulse?  Can you follow the flow freely?